Take Control Of Your Energy Use In No Time With SLICK

An easy to use instal device that is bundled with a great user-friendly Web and Mobile App


Commercial & Private Energy Management. Simplified

When we said "Take control of your electriciy" we meant it. You can manage and gauge your proptery's electricity usage, set usage limits and alerts that let you keep track of your propertys energy consumption even when you're away.


User Focused. Experience Oriented.

We are testing SLICK in Homes, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, and with Utility comapnies, Why? Because We wanted to make becoming energy consious as easy as possible and SLICK embodies that vision..



The sleek design of our hardware is inspired by the best automobile, PC and Consumer product manufactures from all over the world, because why shouldn't saving energy look this good?.

Company Bio

We are a team of gearheads and visonaries working on this project like it's our full time job. Any amount of advice, help & support to help us continue development on this project is greatly appreciated. feel free to reach out to us!

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